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Print Programme





Mihi Whakatau and Conference Opening

Welcome from Hon Jo Goodhew, Associate Minister of Health

09.30- 1030

Opening Keynote: High Satiety: Avoiding obesity in a super-sized world
Speaker: Barbara RolIs
Chairs: Janet Franklin and Cliona Ni Mhurchu




Workshop Sessions


Scientific Writing: How to get Published
Facilitators: Louise Baur and Rachael Taylor

Management of Adult Obesity
Facilitator: Anne-Thea McGill

Kate Berridge, John Kennelly

Translational Research: Case Studies

1. Project Energize
2. Research across Cultures

Facilitator: Elaine Rush

Perspectives: Steph McLennan, Helen Mavoa, Margaret Hinepo Williams, Gade Waqa




Chairs: Gael Mearns and Kylie Murphy 


Early Career: Ask the Experts: Networking and Advocacy

Facilitators: Jane Martin and Robyn Toomath

Challenges in the Management of Child Obesity
Facilitators: Natalie Parkes and Shaun Tautali

Big Picture versus Little Picture: Are Parents to Blame?

Facilitators: Garry Egger and Glenda Gourley




Keynote 2: The Foetal Footprint
Speaker: Wayne Cutfield
Chairs: Justina Wu and Joseph Proietto




Public Lecture: For our Children's Children: What is (Y)our Role?

Chair: Jenny Shipley
Wayne Cutfield

Jim Mann

Barbara Rolls

Creating our Grandchildrens' Future - Jacqueline Rowarth


Welcome FunctionSY0-301   70-410   www.cert4u   220-802   70-454 dumps   70-291 dumps  



Speed Networking Breakfast - The Observatory, SkyTower




Keynote 3: Sugar: A Uniquely Obesogenic Nutrient?

Speaker: Jim Mann
Chairs: Tim Gill and Sarah Shultz


Symposium Sessions


Theme: Basic Science - Epigenetic and Perinatal Determinants of Obesity
Chairs: Chris Maloney and Cassandra McIver

Theme: Childhood - ACAORN

Chairs: Alexia Pena and Barry Taylor

Theme: Public Health

Chairs: Jane Martin and Robyn Toomath


Maternal and paternal contributions to obesity- genes, environment, epigenetics
Margaret Morris


Periconceptional origins of adult obesity

Frank Bloomfield


Developmental programming of obesity – critical windows for intervention

Mark Vickers

Obesity in pregnancy - What can we do to modify outcomes for mother and baby?
Lesley McCowan


Baby-led weaning: a new approach for obesity prevention?

Rachael Taylor


Engaging families most at risk for child obesity: Lessons from the Melbourne Infant Feeding Activity and Nutrition Trial (InFANT) Program 
Karen Campbell


Does nutrition labelling improve consumer food choices?

Cliona ni Mhurchu 



Nutrition Communication
Barbara Rolls






Free Communications


Theme: Basic Science: Mechanisms underlying regulation of body weight

Chairs: Mark Vickers and Margaret Morris

Theme: Childhood
Chairs: Tim Gill and Helen Eyles

Theme: Behavioural
Chairs: Leah Brennan and Rebecca Wyse


Critical role of Neuropeptide FF receptor 2 in the regulation of energy balance and glucose homeostasis revealed in mice

Lei Zhang


CB1 antagonism mediates adiponectin signalling in obese and obese diabetic derived human skeletal muscle myotubes.

Lannie O'Keefe


Short term exercise ameliorates metabolic impact of maternal obesity in offspring
Margaret Morris


Investigating the Mechanisms Differentiating Resistance and Susceptibility to Weight Gain Following a High-Energy Dense Diet

Barbara Fam


Coffee and Caffeine Attenuate Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome in Diet-Induced Obese Rats

Sunil Panchil


Obesity alone or with type 2 diabetes is associated with tissue specific alterations in DNA methylation and gene expression of PGC-1¦Á and IGF2 gene in adipose tissue and skeletal muscle

Miaoxin Chen


Foods for appetite control: developing plant-based functional foods targeting satiety

John Ingram



Typical food portion sizes consumed by New Zealand children and differences by age, gender, and ethnicity
Helen Eyles


Developing systems maps for interventions in the prevention of obesity in adolescents
Steven Allender


Implementation of a large-scale school-based obesity prevention intervention: Challenges and achievements
Kristy Bolton


Physiotherapy and child obesity: Current trends in Australian practice
Nikki Milne


Misreporting by BMI category in the 2007 Australian National Children’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey
Jane Bowen


Recognising childhood obesity: Bringing about practice change in a paediatric facility
Jo Henderson


A case study identifying system level intervention points for obesity prevention in a long day care setting
Jennifer Marks


Motivation for healthy lifestyles and weight status in a large sample of 4-8 year old children: The MInT study

Rachael Taylor

Sensitivity to reward and self control are associated with acute overconsumption
Stephanie Fay


Testing the utility of three social-cognitive models for predicting physical activity in overweight adults with type 2 diabetes
Ronald Plotnikoff


Fixed energy expenditure exercise induces similar body weight and appetite responses in males and females
Neil King 


Relationship between intestinal sweet taste receptor expression, post-prandial glycaemia and glucose absorption in morbidly obese subjects
Nam Q Nguyen


Severely obese people with type 2 diabetes experience impaired emotional well-being and socioeconomic disadvantage: Results from Diabetes MILES - Australia
John Dixon


Diet quality does not predict six year weight changes in mid-age women from Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health
Clare Collins


Preterm birth is associated with increased adiposity in men and their children
Wayne Cutfield


Secular trends in body mass and physical activity of New Zealand adults
Sarah Fahey



13.30 - 1400

Chairs: Boyd Swinburn


Keynote 4: NPY: Beyond the regulation of energy metabolism

Speaker: Herbert Herzog
Chairs: Andrew McAinch and Brian Oldfield


Symposium Sessions


Theme: Adult - Bariatric Surgery

Chairs: Janet Franklin and Gary Wittert

Theme: Behavioural: Can non-psychologists deliver psychologically based interventions
Chairs: Leah Brennan and Rachael Taylor

Theme: Socio Economic Environmental Determinants of Health
Chairs: Boyd Swinburn and Kathryn Backholer




Body Composition, energy expenditure and exercise after bariatric surgery
Jospeh Proietto


Long term outcomes of bariatric surgery

Gary Wittert


Update of Bariatric Surgery in Adolescents
Louise Baur

Training non-clinicians to deliver adapted  Motivational Interviewing for feedback to parents about their child’s weight status
Deirdre Brown


Training interviewers to deliver a telephone based behavioural family intervention encouraging fruit and vegetable consumption
Rebecca Wyse


Training non-psychologists to deliver Lifestyle Triple P - a behavioural family intervention encouraging a healthy lifestyle

Jess Bartlett

Effects of the global environment
Garry Egger


Causes of cases vs causes of epidemics
Alistair Woodward


Sociocultural influences on eating and physical activity: Not as simple as it seems
Marita McCabe




Free Communications


Theme: Adult: Weight Loss
Chairs: Anne-Thea McGill and Peter Clifton

Theme: Public Health: Food Environments
Chairs: Mark Daniel and Margaret Hinepo Williams

Theme: Child: Childhood Obesity and Functionality
Chairs: Rachael Taylor and Jo Henderson


Surgical versus conventional therapy for weight loss treatment of obstructive sleep apnea: A randomized controlled trial
John Dixon


Weight loss in elderly subjects compares favourably with weight loss in younger subjects
Tegan Picone


Can diabetes prevention programs contribute to long-term weight loss? Preliminary results from a two-year follow up of participants in the Sydney Diabetes Prevention Program
Philip Vita


Effectiveness of interventions using Motivational Interviewing for physical activity and dietary modification in Adults: A systematic review
Jenna Hollis 


Diet choice in type 2 diabetes

Peter Clifton

The SHED-IT Community Trial: A randomised controlled trial of internet and paper-based weight loss programs tailored for overweight and obese men
Phil Morgan

Effects of nutrition menu labelling on adults' fast food meal selections
Maree Scully


Consumer testing of front-of-pack food labelling schemes
Wendy Watson


A constructive critique of public health arguments for anti-obesity soda taxes and food taxes
Katherine Pratt


Tax as a tool to prevent chronic disease: The impact of a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks
Lennert Veerman


Snack food availability in major supermarkets: An international comparison
Adrian Cameron


Non-core food impacts: Measuring children’s exposure to non-core food television advertising in Adelaide, South Australia and the impact of self-regulatory industry initiatives
Claire Gardner

Relationships of waist-to-height ratio and body fat percent with time to run 550m in primary school children
Rebecca Cooper


The effect of weight loss on gait characteristics of obese children
Liang Huang


Fitness and functionality in obese adolescents after 12 weeks of training: RESIST study
Megan Dunkley


The effect of a 12 month multidisciplinary lifestyle education programme on BMI-z score and cardio-metabolic outcomes
Luise Russell


Overweight children alter lower extremity muscle activity during walking
Sarah Shultz


Differences in knee extensor strength in healthy-weight and obese children
Margarita Tsiros



Meeting Dinner 



Waterfront Walk




Keynote 5: 

Speaker: Jacqueline Rowarth
Chairs: Elaine Rush and Gary Sacks


Young Investigator Awards


Free Communications


Theme: Adolescent
Chairs: Jacqueline Rowarth and Clare Collins

Theme: Public Health
Chairs: Robyn Toomath and Nicola Chilcott

Theme: Epidemiology
Chairs: Anna Peeters and Adrian Cameron


Optimum macronutrient content of the diet for adolescents with pre-diabetes: RESIST a Randomised Control Trial (ACTRN12608000416392)
Sarah Garnett


Structured meal plan and eating behaviours in obese adolescents with insulin resistance: RESIST study
Mandy Ho


Two-year outcomes of an extended adolescent weight-loss maintenance intervention involving novel additional therapeutic contact : The Loozit® Randomised Controlled Trial
Binh Nguyen


Preventing obesity among adolescent girls in low-income secondary schools: One-year outcomes of the NEAT Girls cluster randomized controlled trial

David Lubans


Health related quality of life impairment in children with overweight is highly context dependent

Sue Petersen 

Obesity and built environment: Does the association hold longitudinally?
Mark Daniel


Shopping behaviours of New Zealand households
Rebecca Whiting


Healthier school food fuels children for life
Jenny Stewart and Larissa Beeby


Using the SysANGELO approach to develop action plans for systems change
Lynne Millar


Added sugar intake of Australian children and adolescents
Tim Gill

Improving data collection for a national childhood obesity surveillance programme
Nick Townsend


The effect of obesity prevention and treatment strategies on the future population prevalence of diabetes among Australian adults

Kathryn Backholer


Prospective association of animal protein intake during puberty with body composition in young adulthood
Gesa Joslowski


Socio-cultural differences In primary school children’s weight and weight related behaviours
Louise Hardy


Does the relationship between excess body weight and risk of type 2 diabetes differ according to educational status?
Anna Peeters




Symposium Sessions


Theme: Adult
Chairs: Jerry Greenfield and Gary Wittert

Theme: Older Child/Adolescent
Chairs: Alexia Pena and Megan Dunkley

Theme: Basic Science - Energy Expenditure - the other side of the energy balance equation
Chairs: Chris Maloney and Stephen Kentish


Ruth Teh


Tania Markovic

Anne-Thea McGill






Chairs: Kylie Murphy and Anna Peeters


Free Communications


Theme: Pacific Public Health
Chairs: Teuila Percival and Fa'asisila Savila

Theme: Childhood: Risk and Relationships
Chairs: Natalie Parkes and Karen Campbell

Theme: Basic Science: Peripheral signals mediating energy balance and obesity
Chairs: Barbara Fam and Andrew McAinch


Participants’ perceptions of a knowledge broking approach to facilitate the development of evidence-based policies to reduce obesity in Fiji
Gade Waqa


Developing and sustaining evidence-based policy-making to reduce obesity in Fiji: The TROPIC Project
Helen Mavoa


Body mass index and waist circumference as indicators of risk for non-communicable diseases in Pacific Islanders
Lynne Millar


Adolescents’ dietary patterns in Fiji and relationship with standardized BMI
Jillian Wate


Adolescents’ physical activity and screen-based behaviour patterns in Fiji
Ramneek Goundar

Early markers of the metabolic syndrome in children born post-term
Wayne Cutfield


Parental feeding practices are related to children's diet and weight
Jill Haszard


Which measure of adiposity is the best predictor of blood pressure in children?
Alison Coates


Associations between sedentary behaviour, physical activity and cardio-metabolic health in overweight and obese children
Dylan Cliff


Despite weight status, children with obstructive sleep apnoea have an impaired exercise capacity
Carla Evans

Obesity induced suppression of gastric satiety signals are only partially reversed by dietary change
Stephen Kentish


Mechanisms underlying the effectiveness of the adjustable gastric band: Insights from a rodent model
Brian Oldfield 


Circadian variations in gastric vagal afferent mechanosensitivity and satiety signalling
Amanda Page


The role of gastric neuropeptide W is regulated by food intake
Hui Li


The effect of GPR119 activation on genetic regulators of nutrient metabolism in cardiac muscle myoblasts
Lauren Cornall




President's Debate
Presentation of awards for best papers (Elsevier and ACAORN)


Conference Close

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On the 18th October, a public lecture entitled “For Our Children’s Children: What is (y)our role?” will be one of the highlights of the Meeting. General public with interests in obesity will be warmly welcomed to spend the evening absorbing the most up-to-date642-374 certification allowed OMEGA to continue to refine on, provide first-class quality of the watch, handbags outlet in order to meet the new need changing customer. Processing from the design, implementation replica handbags to: each watch shall be qualified through strict quality 648-266 certification control testing before ccie lab bootcamp delivery. knowledge and discussions which are to be chaired by renowned experts.


Marketing for the public lecture will be handled by AUT and it is hoped that a broad spectrum of interested parties will be represented. A Networking Function will immediately follow the lecture, where members of the public who are not already attending the full Meeting will be able to interact with distinguished guests and invited speakers.



Planned keynote speakers


Jenny Shipley will chair the lecture and professors Barbara Rolls, Wayne Cutfield, Jim Mann and Jacqueline Rowarth have all confirmed their attendance as speakers. We are thrilled to have them presenting their knowledge to the public. For more information about each speaker please visit the .


To reserve your place at the public lecture please email  with your name, contact details and the number of seats you require.


Proudly sponsored by:



In partnership with:




Welcome Function

Date: Thursday 18 October

Time: 1900 - 2000

Venue: Rendezvous Hotel
Cost: Included

The ANZOS Welcome function will follow cisco 640-554 exam the Public Lecture on the evening of Thursday 18 October. This is a superb opportunity for Meeting delegates and Public Lecture attendees to network and reacquaint. Drinks and canapes will be served.


Networking Breakfast

Date: Friday 19 October
Time: 7am – 8am
Venue: Observatory Restaurant, SkyTower
Cost: NZ $24 for NZ residents and  Modification: 642-374 it certification in this process, swiss replica watches repeated inspection work. Waterproof performance of each watch must be detected in the conditions of temperature and pressure. In addition, 648-266 it certification the OMEGA watch cartier replica NZ $39 for non NZ residents
(The cost for NZ delegates is subsidised as the Meeting is sponsored by the NZ Obesity Society)

On the morning of Friday 19 October, a 5-star networking breakfast will be held at the top of Auckland’s SkyTower in the ‘Observatory’ Restaurant. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy a 220-702 exam unique dining experience and make new contacts while exchanging ideas. A buffet breakfast offered in a relaxing environment will encourage easy movement around cosy 4-seat tables with a spectacular 200-120 exam view of the city and the Waitemata Harbour. Seats are limited so please remember to tick the speed-networking breakfast box when you register.


Waterfront Walk

Date: Saturday 20 October
Time: 7am – 8.30am
Venue: Meet in the lobby of the Rendezvous Grand Hotel at 0645
Cost: No Cost

Meet in the hotel replica rolex watches lobby early on Saturday morning and enjoy a walk down to Auckland’s rapidly growing waterfront. Take in the sights and sounds of the bustling Viaduct, North Wharf, Silo Park and the Queens Wharf replica watches sale development. The area is a hive of activity which features bars, restaurants, water features, public art and beautiful views across the Auckland Harbour.


Meeting Dinner

Date: Friday 19 October
Time: 7.30pm – 10.30pm
Venue: Rendezvous Grand Hotel
Cost: Delegate ticket included in registration fee, $140 for additional ticket

The Meeting Dinner will kick off with swiss replica watches drinks and canapés in the pre-function room. This will provide an opportunity to view the posters on display and network with fellow delegates. To follow, a banquet dinner will feature a superb menu accompanied by fine New Zealand wines and later, we invite you to pull on your dancing shoes and be entertained by comedy duo “Buffy and Bimbo”.

The Meeting Dinner will be replica iwc watches the social highlight of ANZOS 2012 and is set to be a night that is not to be missed.

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